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> In 0080, we clearly see Misha pull out the saber and begin to make
>an attack run with it. GTM VIII probably cut the scene short.. you clearly
>see the saber come out.

As often as I've watched Gundam 0080, I don't recall ever seeing the
Kämpfer actually use a beam saber -- and, as noted, none of the printed
material shows this -- but I'll take your word for it. My eyesight must be
a lot worse than I thought or possibly something else in the scene
distracted my attention and the beam saber simply didn't register.

>>> Just how did you manage to get all those accent marks in?? =)
>>Do this long enough, and it becomes almost second nature….
> I was wondering whether you taped an ASCII chart next to your comp
>or something... =)

Actually, I *do* have an ASCII chart next to one of my computers. The
TopSpot Computer Programmer's Quick Reference is a 2030" (5075cm) wall
poster with a complete ASCII chart, keyboard scan codes over a line drawing
of a keyboard, decimal color codes, base number conversions, decimal values
for the extended ASCII box drawing characters laid out as boxes and musical
note frequencies for the 88 notes of a piano keyboard, rounding up to the
nearest Hz. All of it's obsolete now -- we use ANSI not ASCII, the chart
only covers the old 84-key IBM keyboard, etc. But it was a handy reference
when I was coding MS-DOS apps in macro assembler and BASIC back in 1987….

>>the Kämpfer is already quite lean and there's not much you could forego.
> Which again means that the Kampfer is pretty much cannot be
>mass-produced more than it can be already..



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