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>No, I can't believe what Nightengale just said to be true....
>The GP-03 was designed for point defense, and I'll be
>damned if ANY mobile suit from Zeta other than the Psycho
>Gundam had the kind of beam weaponry that the Nue-Zeil
>could bring to bear. The I-Field of the GP-03 was enough to
>shield it from that, it will continue to take on little MS from
>the Titans, or Aueg mechs...

        The Dendrobium MA was designed to stop a lot of mechs at the same time.
if all those mechs were even slightly improved, it would have a geometric
effect on how the D-MA could fight them off. on a one-on-one, though,
anything short of the really spectacular MS's would be dead meat.

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