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> The GP-03 was designed for point defense, and I'll
> be damned if ANY mobile suit from Zeta other than
> Psycho Gundam had the kind of beam weaponry that the
> Nue-Zeil could bring to bear. The I-Field of the
> GP-03 was enough to shield it from that, it will
> continue to take on little MS from the Titans, or
> Aueg mechs...

Like I mentioned earlier, if it's a one-on-one contest
between GP-03 Dendrobium & any single MS in UC era,
then there's no doubt that GP-03 will win handsomely,
but its enemy will be sending squadrons of mechas to
counter it. Bear in mind that the MSs from Delaz Fleet
were disorganized and in small numbers when GP-03
attacked them. If we put GP-03 in a post-0083 world,
it's enemies are sizable, hi-tech and organized. Also,
GP-03's conventional weapons used up pretty quickly as
we withness in the OVA, & despite it has great combat
radius, it tends to stay close to a supply source (be
that ships or a base) to replenish the ammos. It's new
enemies will exploit this shortcoming & strike first
to cut the supply, turning GP-03 into a dead-end fight
like Big Zam & Neue Ziel. I'm all for quality like
GP-03, but in Gundam's world, quantity seems to have
an edge (see waves of GMs & Balls overwhelm the
excellent but outnumbered Zeon mechas in 0079).

Colin Liu.
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