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> > After X, ANYTHING is a classic ^^
> Hey now! Gundam X wasn't all that bad... Really, it really wasn't.
> at least the first ten odd episodes of it.

Gundam X starts off with some promise but goes reall flat.
ask someone that saw most of the series and I guarantee that the best they
could say would be something like

"Well....the Gundams are cool!....and Garoud really likes Tifa!" ^_^
> Hey, if nothing else, you gotta love the UC and Wing inspired Mech Design
> (Including Leopard, the steroid pusing brother-in-arms of Heavyarm). And
> the OP/ED songs are pretty damn good... Um... Yeah, I better stop before
> it gets worse...

Granted the songs are pretty nice, but what else?
I think they could've done a better w.o without going too kiddie

> You know, on the same level, some people will argue that anything after
> these series is a classic:
> Gundam ZZ

Well, I at least ZZ was funny ^^
and it DID get better after the first 24 episodes or so....

> G Gundam

G Gundam is a good Anime series...its just not Gundam ^^

> Gundam Wing

Wing, I think you'll see a lot of people that liked it and a lot that
disliked it.
More liked than not ^^

> 08th MS Team...

08th MS had some memorable moments, its just that the rest were flat ^^
> etc. etc.
> etc. etc.
> There is no pleasing everyone...
> Y. "Where is Probies and all the Marks gone?" Choe
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