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>> Well...its pretty well established here on how crappy Gundam X is as

I never got round to answering that, mainly because I don't feel
qualified yet. =)

>road warriors with mobile suits was done very well. The only real down
>Gundam X is how it get to a "Suit of the Week" kind of show towards
>the end.

 I was wondering about that. When I was first looking in the mecha
summaries, it was 'Gundam X. OK. X Divider? Double X? Eh?'

And does it actually resolve, or is it left hanging? I Know it was
cancelled, and I haven't seen it all yet so I'm curious.

>Other than that, it's just good, clean entertainment shot full with
>violence, and over-the-top action.

Yaay! =) How did you manage to get all of it, BTW? I thought only the
first 12 episodes were subtitled.

- skeiz
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