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> Well...its pretty well established here on how crappy Gundam X is as a
> series. Some of the deisgns are cool though. Quite frankly, I think it
> beats ZZ Gundam in ranking the lowest. At least ZZ had Hamaan and it
> ACTUALLY GOT BETTER! It was also reletively entertaining. Watching
> Gundam X is a chore for me. I've watched the first 16 episodes hoping
> it'll get better (is there no story in it at all?) and I've given up ^^

I own the whole series, and love every minute of it. The whole concept of
road warriors with mobile suits was done very well. The only real down to
Gundam X is how it get to a "Suit of the Week" kind of show towards the end.
Other than that, it's just good, clean entertainment shot full with death,
violence, and over-the-top action.


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