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> >The GP-03 was designed for point defense, and I'll be
> >damned if ANY mobile suit from Zeta other than the Psycho
> >Gundam had the kind of beam weaponry that the Nue-Zeil
> >could bring to bear. The I-Field of the GP-03 was enough to
> >shield it from that, it will continue to take on little MS from
> >the Titans, or Aueg mechs...
> >
> >Paul
> Now, I want to be clear on this: are you talking about the
> Stamen MS, or
> the Orchid MA? If you mean the Orchid, than you're absolutely
> right, it's
> definately more powerful than several generations of Mobile Suits to
> follow, but that's because it's Mobile Armour! You're
> comparing apples and
> oranges. For purposes of this topic(newer Gundams supplanting
> older units),
> only the Stamen MS's capabilities apply, not the capabilities
> of the full
> Orchid MA.

I have always been talking about GP03 Stamen+Orchid. Note when I talk about
combat range and acceleration. Nothing approaches Orchid's acceleration and
range until V2, nearly 60+ years later.

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