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WooJin Lee said:
>Welcome aboard!
>We delve into Macross topics sometimes but not too often
>one note. DO NOT go into sujects like 'Macross vs Gundam' it
>becomes...unpleasant ^^

    Dont worry about that from me. I've been a Robotech ML member for
    (such as it is now...) and well aware of that sorta thing.

>No UC era TV series? too bad...the best Gundam Stuff were the TV. Go

    Well, technically, 8th MS Team, 0080, 0083, CCA and even F91 are all
    arent they?

>Zeta Gundam, and Victory Gundam is a good Watch as well.

    Have some of Zeta, but cant get into it really. Designs started to
go off the deep
    end in my opinion. Every Zeta design seems like it was done by
One-Year War
    Mobile Armor designers.

>The Original TV
>series is good but dated....


>and If you're upto it, try to stomach Gundam
>ZZ...if you think you can't habndle ZZ, go watch a few episodes of
Gundam X.
>After X, ANYTHING is a classic ^^

    Seen X, but havent been able to find ZZ or V. Dont think I'd really
like ZZ
    anyway for the reasons I stated for Zeta.

    I pretty much like the most credible MS designs, I guess I can only
suspend my
    level of disbelief so much...


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