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Question here:

Is there any such animal as the 0083 version of the Rick Dom II, at
least as described by the stats (2x21,000 kg thrusters and 2x7,000 kg
thrusters, taken from the Gundam Project)?

I recently took a look at 0083 with slow-motion on the parts with the
Rick Dom and the one shot under the 'skirt' definately shows more than
two thrusters there (akin to the 0080 5x21,000 kg and 2x2,500 kg
thrusters) - more like three or four if I remember, with a leg possibly
obscuring more.

As far as I can tell, the only Rick Dom II in 0083 is a carbon copy of
the one we see in 0080 (if ever so briefly), albeit with a different
paint scheme.

So where does the 2x2 thrusters version come from - model box stats?

BTW, another thing, is the 'rakaten bazooka' on the Dom Tropen really
880mm!? That doesnt seem to match up with my scale calculations using MS
Encyclopedia as a basis.

(So how was that for a start?)

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