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Okay, I've straightened out my filters and subscribed now, so I guess
I'll introduce myself.

I started out in anime like many, with Robotech. Still a big Robotech
fan actually <ducking>, but obviously much more is happening nowadays
with Gundam. I first got into Gundam back in '97 or so, when a friend
lent me a copy of his 0083 subs. I've steadily expanded my collection
since, but 0083 is still my definite favorite. Great animation, great
designs (hmm, Kawamori does Macross and 0083, maybe there's some linkage
here?) and pretty good story <ducking again>. After 0083 I like 08th MS
Team, 0080 and probably then CCA and F91. As you can see I'm pretty much
a UC fan, not really into W or X, tho W does have good music.

Since I'm a tech head, I've printed out reams of MS tech specs. I'm
currently working on a 0084 Mekton campaign using a lot of Benjamin
Wright's rules as a basis (whatever happened to his Kidou Senshi Gundam
page anyway?). I've gotten pretty far, with stats for most the
mass-produced designs and a few of the prototypes relevent to the
campaign. Unfortunately right now its all hand-written on paper until I
decide what format I want to post them on my web page. At any rate, I'll
probably contribute to the tech discussions and a little to the plot

Thanks all,

Neil Baumgardner

(BTW, check out my web page, its got some 8th MS Team scans in it )

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