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>>> 0083 (GP01 -> GP01 Fb -> GP03. Each upgrade bigger
>>> than the last one. I wonder how GP03 will stack
>>> up in Zeta Gundam era)
>> By that time, Titan's transformable mechas could
>> very well outperform the GP03 MA. They are
>> from the data gathering by previous Gundams, so in
>> era it's pretty much a war of Gundams (except the
>> cut-and-paste Hizack)
> Except Titan swept all of the data gathered from
> Gundam Project under the rug. GP03 Orchid's
> acceleration and combat range isn't match until V2.

Ah, let me clarify my thought a little more: what you
said in 0083 & V2 is true, but Titan's Gundam mkII, as
well as other transformable MSs & MAs, were developed
from data other than those of Anaheim Electronics' GP
series, namely the RX-78s & RX-78NT-1. As the war
between Titans & AEUG went on, more combat data were
gathered on both sides to develop mechas even more
formidable then mkII & Zeta.

Furthermore, GP-03 was a mobile armor for defending
Fed's space 'points' or area deemed important. If we
are talking about GP-03 vs a single mobile suit, then
there's no question who'll win, but it's primary
function was to destroy enemy's invading MS teams, w/
number in dozen or more. As we withness in 0083, all
GP-03 faced were the Zaku IIs and Rick Dom IIs from
the OYW era (albeit w/limited improvements) and it had
no problem in wiping them out, and GP-03 faced off w/
AMX-002 Neue Ziel, a MA created by Zeon hold-outs (who
developed their own advance technologies) at the
astroid base Axcis, it was a match of a lifetime. Now
imagine GP-03 (as is) at the Glyps War timeline (UC
0087) & facing a team of vastly improved Titans
mechas, or even AEUG's mobile suits developed by AE
(Zeta, Type 100, & so on). All of them have beam
weapons/mega particle weapons, faster speed & agility,
tougher shields (inc I-shields on some mechas), etc in
the obsolete Zakus & Doms were lacking in 0083. The
GP-03 would find the going very tough to tangle w/
them let alone wiping them out. Technologies keep
advancing, and 4 years difference is a gap too wide to
narrow it.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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