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>Justin Palmer wrote:
>> >By the way, on slightly the same topic as Patlabor (but offtopic on Gundam -
>> >figure if ppl can ramble on about TPM, why the hell not Patlabour), I have
>> >several new computers, and I have netoworked them. Typically I name them
>> >computers/machines in anime/manga that have really cocked, like BAHAMUT
>> >(Megazone23), Type 0 (Patlabour), Sharon Apple, BM-M66, Gaia and Khyron5. I
>> >need
>> >three more, and sugestions?
>> >
>> (ahem) - Briareos? ^_^
>hmmm, maybe I should have put that a bit differently, computers/machines tha
>gone seriously haywire. id on't recall Bri ever going nutso....but please,
>me :)

        Oops. Didn't notice that until after I posted - there was meant
to be a scene in Appleseed Four where Bri gets a bit angry over
something that happens to Deunan, but Shirow cut it out. Maybe Kotus
would be a better suggestion? Or Weapon (from Final Fantasy VII)? Even
Unit 01? (Evangelion) ^_^

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