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well, I ordered the Z Gundam Special Soundtrack from, and
firstly I would like to say I am very pleased with their service. I
confirmed an order on the Wednesday of last week, and I received the
goods today (Monday)

As for the product...I ordered several disks, but I guess most of you
are only interested in Gundam music :) MSZG Special [StarChild KICA
2043/4 Y2913] comes in a two disc set. The cover is unmistakably by
Mikimoto Haruhiko, and the back cover unmistakably by Yasuhiko
Yoshikazu. The jewel case itself is not one of those ugly double CD
cases, but it's size definitely indicates it is a dual disc set...much
like the size of the European Playstation CD cases.

On the back of the box, it says it is directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. I
assume this means the 'conductor'. A man of many talents...he also
condcuted some of the music in the Gundam F91 Live Concert Special. The
composer is Shigeaki Saegusa, who also composed the music for CCA.

As for the music, almost perfect. Some of it is very CCA-esque in that
the music tells a strong story of tragedy and war. Some of the music is
unique to ZG, it has sort of an 80's pop beat, funky bass guitars,
groovy. The tracks themselves appear to be subdivided into sub tracks
and some sort of weird nomenclature, perhaps cross references to other
BGM CDs... I assume these are indexes...I *don't have and old enough*
CD player to take advantage of indexes Indexes are somewhat of a lost
function... oh well. From what Iremember, the music is very different to
the PSX ZG game.

The booklet is nothing special. i have already mentioned the sub
tracks. The rest of it is info in japanes which i really do not have
the patience to read.. Containsa few SD pics of Beltochika, Four,
Mineva and Fa, and a Yas pic of Quattro on the back cover.

There are four vocals, only giniro Dress is given in full, the others
(OPs and the ED) are sup0plied as the truncated TV versions. that's
kinda cool so I don't have to do the cut and splicing myself :)

Overall, I liked it. If you liked the CCA OST, get this (although no
quite as good as that).

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