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On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Department of Chemical and Biological Warfare wrote:
> It looks like the hands are solid blocks similar to the 0083 kits...can
> anyone confirm this?

Hmm I can't tell, but it has to hold both the sabre and the shield right,
so it's can't be worse than any HG kit.

> I'll definitely get one to do a battledamage scene. :>

Yeah, I will borrow the V-fin for the broken fin on my HG, and make a
Gundam's last stand diorama (no head, no left arm, no Amuro, shooting at
the head of Jiong).

> >- turns out HGUC Guncannon doesn't have one moving part (as I said before)
> How's the joint mobility?

Hmm that's the big mystery, the pics in HJ look good, the pics in the
instruction manual (see HLJ) look bad.

> Here in Singapore its already out and going for 18 bucks...thats quite high
> for a 800Y kit. It seems like the price of plastic is going up every year.

What's the regular price of Bandai kits in Sg? In Toronto, it ranges from
just under 2x to around 3x the suggested retail Japanese price after
exchange. I know in Hong Kong, they typically go at 5-10% lower than the
SRP after exchange.

> Why's the Zaku I priced at 3000Y when the Zaku II was about 2600Y?

That's the magic of inflation. I have to say the price of injection kits
seem to be inflating slower than the rest of the world, is this true? Is
there an econimist in the house?

> This one looks great! But the upcoming kit doesnt look very impressive.

Huh? What upcoming kit? I've always wanted the Wadom, but I haven't
heard of a whiff of news/rumor about a Wadom kit. While they are on it,
I want a Wadd too (there are a few drawings of Wadd in HJ July).

[but hey, I also want a model of Nancy Kerrigan from StarCraft Broodwar]

> >great designs, but we can definitly expect a bunch of GM variations)
> Can we??? THat sounds great! Maybe a GM commando set...

Let me clarify that. I didn't read it anywhere. I was speculating that
if Zaku has 7 (or more?) variants, then GM will definitely get a few too.

> Is the MG Dom featured the actual production kit? Somehow it doesnt seem so
> impressive from the recent photos...I expect a bit more details but the kit
> looks a bit too smooth.

Hmm... I would think so, it's so close to release date already. As for
details, that depends on your preference. Bandai's first priority is to
satisfy the old-timers like me, who want a 0079 Dom first (Dom Tropen and
Dom II can come later). As it is now, it has the rounded proportion of
the 0079 original and sufficient details and decals to make it looks real.
Not a bad balance.

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