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> I was going to do the same thing, any tips or advice? Rules that need to
> be broken?
> - Ranma Saotome

The only thing that's needed for MZ is a good 3D combat system.
Unfortunately, MZ doesn't provide you with one. So, I came up with some ideas
of my own.

Working within the MZ rules, its easier to just keep everything in only two
dimensions, which the rules do cover very well. So, if you have a lot of V
Gundam 1/144 scale models, you can use the flight bases that are provided
with the models themselves to represent flight and then you will only need to
use the rules presented in the MZ books.

But for those of you interested in big 3D space battles, I like to use a
battlepole (made with a dowel painted black or gray, mounted to a wooden
base, and with a clothespin/clip to hold the model to the dowel) to let me
simulate vertical movement. Mark the battlepole in inches (or centimeters, if
you use metric). I like to set the dowel off center so the model is centered
on the base. I also like to mark the base with a 4" hex for ease of
determining direction and firing arcs, but that isn't necessary (a simple
arrow showing which direction is forward will do). Then all you need to
remember is that you can move your model horizontally, vertically, or both
horizontally and vertically as many inches as you've sent per Movement
Allowance point. I like to set 1 MA (50 meters) to equal 12 inches. You will
find that all combat will fall within "close" combat range, with Hand to Hand
occurring when the models are within 4" of each other or in base to base

For movement in space, I use the rule of thumb that if you moved so many
inches in one direction, you need to moved the same number of inches in the
same direction every combat turn until you actively change your direction and
speed. Another rule I use is that any space vehicle can expend 1 MA to change
its facing any amount and at any time during its movement, but still has to
follow all movement rules as written. An example would be a Zaku turning
around to fire on a trailing GM, but still moving in the same direction it
was move before it turned. Remember, only changes in direction, and/or speed,
are counted as movement for this purpose. Also remember that it takes as many
MA to slow down as it takes to speed up. I like to use a d20 placed on my
models base in the direct of travel as a reminder, with it displaying the
number of inches of movement (or momentum) that it traveled.

Now all you need to do is play. If you see any problems, work out a fix for
them, and write the fixes down for later reference. And above all else, have
fun. And please E-mail me with any questions, or even with a story of how
great the battle was.


PS-Another good game system to play Gundam in is the Silhouette system
produced by Dream Pod 9, and used in their Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles
settings. Jovian Chronicles is base in part on Gundam, and should be the
system of choice after Mekton. I haven't played Gundam using Silhouette, yet,
but will be trying it out shortly.

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