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>- HGUC Gann looks nice, still got that pointy head, I guess this is the
>on the side of the forearm as well as straight out in front of the fist.
>Also it seems that 2 fists are provided at different joint angle to allow

It looks like the hands are solid blocks similar to the 0083 kits...can
anyone confirm this?

>- a liitle note on the resculpted original 1:144 Gundam kit. Yes it's 300
>yens, no polycaps, molded in white. They printed the layout of parts, 46
>parts on 3 trees, just like the other Low Grade kit. Ugh! (but of course
>I will buy myself at least 2 for bashing)

I'll definitely get one to do a battledamage scene. :>

>- turns out HGUC Guncannon doesn't have one moving part (as I said before)
>but two moving parts in the hip box.

How's the joint mobility?
Here in Singapore its already out and going for 18 bucks...thats quite high
for a 800Y kit. It seems like the price of plastic is going up every year.
Why's the Zaku I priced at 3000Y when the Zaku II was about 2600Y?

>- a few pages on a scratch-built 1:144 Wadom with lots of gadgets (opening
>hatches on head) with building techniques

This one looks great! But the upcoming kit doesnt look very impressive.

>great designs, but we can definitly expect a bunch of GM variations)

Can we??? THat sounds great! Maybe a GM commando set...

>- MG Dom, PG Zaku II Red Comet, PG Gundam and Zaku weapon sets etc
>- RX-178 Re-o1 Gundam Mk. II "Silver Flugel" (whatever!) conversion from
>MG RX-178.

Is the MG Dom featured the actual production kit? Somehow it doesnt seem so
impressive from the recent photos...I expect a bit more details but the kit
looks a bit too smooth.

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