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A little summary of HJ July issue at the end of this msg, first a few of
my observations:

- Capule/Kapooh looks very good, the pics show the chest both opened and
closed, but I don't know if that involve replacing parts, can any japanese
reader help answer this?

- HGUC Gann looks nice, still got that pointy head, I guess this is the
head we will have to deal with. The best part is the inside of the
shield, it has an amazing handle system that allow Gann to hold the sheild
on the side of the forearm as well as straight out in front of the fist.
Also it seems that 2 fists are provided at different joint angle to allow
for more realistic sabre holding poses.

- a liitle note on the resculpted original 1:144 Gundam kit. Yes it's 300
yens, no polycaps, molded in white. They printed the layout of parts, 46
parts on 3 trees, just like the other Low Grade kit. Ugh! (but of course
I will buy myself at least 2 for bashing)

- turns out HGUC Guncannon doesn't have one moving part (as I said before)
but two moving parts in the hip box.

Now the summary:
- a few pages on Turn-A 1:144 techniques
- a few pages on a scratch-built 1:100 Flat
- a Turn-A Gundam White Doll diorama, showing it still covered in some
white dirt.
- a few pages on a scratch-built 1:144 Wadom with lots of gadgets (opening
hatches on head) with building techniques
- quarter page on the 1:100 Turn A, nothing new (2000 Yens but not an MG?)
- MG Zaku I building technique
- MG MS-06R-1A Black Trinary technique
- 2 pages on Apsaras 1:330 B-club resin, impressive
- GM Cannon, convserion from MG GM
- GM Sniper Custom, conversion from MG GM
- GM III, conversion from MG GM (personally, none of these 3 are such
great designs, but we can definitly expect a bunch of GM variations)
- HGUC Guncannon review
- a new SD Musha kit
- MG Dom, PG Zaku II Red Comet, PG Gundam and Zaku weapon sets etc
- RX-178 Re-o1 Gundam Mk. II "Silver Flugel" (whatever!) conversion from
MG RX-178.

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