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>I had to look the scene up in Gundam The Movies VIII to see the two frames in
>which the handle of the beam saber appears. Mischa just barely has time to
>draw it before Chris perforates him with the 90mm Gatling. So we're both right
>-- the beam saber is never *used* and if you blink you miss (as I have all
>these years) even seeing it deployed.

        In 0080, we clearly see Misha pull out the saber and begin to make
an attack run with it. GTM VIII probably cut the scene short.. you clearly
see the saber come out.

>> Just how did you manage to get all those accent marks in?? =)
>Do this long enough, and it becomes almost second nature….

        I was wondering whether you taped an ASCII chart next to your comp
or something... =)

>Which brings us back to the question of what *can* be stripped out. As I said,
>the Kämpfer is already quite lean and there's not much you could forego.

        Which again means that the Kampfer is pretty much cannot be
mass-produced more than it can be already..

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