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>> While Kampfer is mission specific, RX79G-Ez8
>> "Ground Combat Gundam Ez-8" is definity a
>> pilot-specific one- off. It's modified from RX79G &

>> the lone unit is assigned to Shiro Amada in the
>> MS Team OVA. Besides certain areas in which Ez8 is
>> better than RX79G, the modification was basically a

>> test by Fed's brass to see if Shiro was a Zeon spy
>> as theysuspected.
> How is that a test? Is this from the movie "Miller's
> Report"? Was there ever a synopsis of this?

The story goes like this: the 08th MS Team was trying
to intercept the Apsaras in the desert, and Shiro,
trying to save one of his teammate, tangled w/ Apsaras
& eventually both damaged mechas landed near a snowed
mountain. There, Shiro reunited w/ Aina, Apsara's
test-pilot who had a run-in w/ Shiro back in space but
they became friends ever since. This time, their
friendship developed into love before they were
rescued by their respective forces. Shiro was tried &
interrogated as a alleged spy at Fed's military court
because he didn't kill the enemy (Aina). Shiro pleaded
his case, and eventually his suspension was lifted &
the new Ez-8, an official one-off 'kit-bash' of RX-79G
was assigned to him to lead his teammates oncemore.

To test Shiro's ability to kill enemies up-close &
personal, the Fed's installed an anti-personnel 12.7mm
machine gun tarret on Ez-8's chest (this replaced the
original anti-MS Gatling gun standard on RX79G). Also,
a pair of head-mounted 35mm vulcans were installed on
Ez-8. This serves as a symbol as a commander MS (all
RX79G have no head vulcans) as well as a survival kit
& further test of Shiro's determination in shooting
down enemies. (in the OVA, Shiro's attitude towards
enemies took a huge turn after he met & in love w/
Aina. Even so, Shiro, as well as his boss Kojima,
represent the dying breed of Fed soldiers who still
value human lives & the honour of being a soldier)

Colin Liu.
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