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>> Its great
>> for gaming if you do that kinda thing. Is there any gundam gamers in this
>> list?
>I am. I am currently in the coding stages of opening a MUSH (Multiple User
>Shared Hallucination) Based on the U.C. Timeline.
>Christopher Beilby, Archwizard of Gundam MUSH.

        I used Mekton as the base for my games, but i pared down the action rolls
to initiative, attack/defense and damage. called shots are allowed of
course, as well as specialized attacks.
        I had a fun time finding new ways to kill people who were traditional
gundam know, it has to have this type of guns and weapons and
yada-yada. I went for more exotic stuff, like magnetic slap-on mines and
and beam naginatas and built-in nasty weaponry. of course, it still had to
look nominally like a gundam.

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