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>>giant bazooka, panzer faust, beam saber. We don't actually see the beam
>>sabers used in Gundam 0080 and they aren't included with the model -- I
>>didn't even know it had them until I saw one deployed on a PVC toy figure
>>-- so they'd be the best candidates for any further reduction.
> We do see them in use. Misha pulled it out to hack at the Gundam
>just before the Kampfer was shot to bits. It's stored near the knee, in a
>pop-out like the 08MST Gundam and GMs.

I had to look the scene up in Gundam The Movies VIII to see the two frames in
which the handle of the beam saber appears. Mischa just barely has time to
draw it before Chris perforates him with the 90mm Gatling. So we're both right
-- the beam saber is never *used* and if you blink you miss (as I have all
these years) even seeing it deployed.

>>It's also worth noting that the YMS-18 Kämpfer Prototype doesn't appear to
>>have the Vulcan guns. These would be my second choice for slimming down
>>the MS-18E. If the mission is to hit and run, then mêlée weapons like
>>swords and short-range head-mounted guns are just a tempatation to engage
>>in time-wasting one-on-one combat, to the detriment of the mission.
> Just how did you manage to get all those accent marks in?? =)

Old Jedi® mind trick™….

Seriously, though, most Windows apps support the full 255-character ISO 8859-1
ANSI character set, so you can enter any character by holding down the ALT key
while typing zero followed the three digits of the ANSI numeric designation for
that character. Lower-case A with umlaut is ANSI 228, so type ALT+0228 to
insert it. To type the word "mêlée," press m ALT+0234 l ALT+0233 e.

Alternatively, a Windows utility called Character Map presents the entire
character set in a floating window from which you can pick and choose any
character directly. As each character is selected, the ALT-key shortcut is
displayed in the Status bar, so you can learn as you go.

ISO-8859-1, also called Latin-1, is also the default language for Web pages, so
you can use this trick there, too. The ANSI number must be preceded by the
meta characters &# and followed by a semicolon to delimit them from the text,
so the word "mêlée" would be written as mêlée.

Do this long enough, and it becomes almost second nature….

> Anyway, I think the Vulcans are necessary for anti-missile/
>distraction duty, and the melee weapons don't really take up much room, and
>can be extremely useful to a down-on-its-luck Kampfer, so I'll keep them in.
>Remember, all of the Kampfer's other weapons are all ammunition-based, so
>running out of rounds in a firefight is all too likely. Expendable or not,
>giving the pilot a self-defense weapon still makes sense. Zeon could hardly
>afford pilot loss at that stage in the war.

Which brings us back to the question of what *can* be stripped out. As I said,
the Kämpfer is already quite lean and there's not much you could forego.


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