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> Just some observations here....
> Whilst I was cruising on the web for some Gundam
> files for my up and coming web site, I came across a

> Japanese site with results (and still running) for
> four Gundam Popularity Contests.
> One of them was the fav ZG gal
> ,
> and out of 2166 votes, surprise, it's not Four
> Murasame (16.96%), it's Emma Shin (yay) at 20.11%.
> What's this about mature chicks? Perhaps it's guys
> who were kids back when ZG aired, and are now old
> enough to have an older chick like Emma, perhaps
> tastes change as guys get older...I dunno :)
When Gundam fans who live & grow up w/ the UC series
like myself, we no longer like a certain character
just for his/her appearance, but also the character
(not personality, but character) that defines the
overall person. Four Murasame is pretty & Lalah-esque,
but she's one-dimensional; Emma Sheen has proved
herself a real woman in Z Gundam, a person with high
virtue (she defected from the Titans to AEUG) & has no
hesitation to kill a former comade (Roccoa Londo) to
defend such goodness.

> There was a similar contest for GZZ gals, but I
> didn't bother loking at those.

Why not? ZZ has some of the most colourful characters.
Ignoring them is like missing the pearls :)

Anyway, i looked at the ZZ girls poll, & not too
surprising: Haman Khan tops the poll at 25.68%, 2nd
place is the bath-loving Elpe Puru at 18.68%, then
it's Roux Rouka (Judo's comade-turn-girlfriend) at
15.52%, & Elle Vianno (Beacha's girlfriend) at 7.85% &
so on. In ZZ, ppl know more about Khan's character.
She's a baddie here, but she revealed her ambitions as
well as her personal side. A manifestation of the
taste and choosiness of Gundam fans. :)

> There is a Most Popular Pilot
> ,
> which I guess really means Best Pilot,

That poll actually refers to "The most experienced
Gundam pilot", in which i don't agree Camille should
be top, but Amuro should (from OYW to CCA). Usso Evin
ranked 3rd because he fought in a conflict as grueling
as Camille experienced; Char/Quattro piloted Type 100,
which is in effect a Gundam, & no question about Red
Comet's combat experience.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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