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> Hmmmm...I wonder, though, if it ever really had a
> "Standard" loadout, or if the weapons were always
> mission specific/pilot specific.

Kampfer was developed according to the circumstance of

OYW, & we know it's a mission specific ltd edn MS, we
may never know what its standard loadout would be like
should Kampfer got mass-produced. Hopefully it'll be
revealed in future Gundam's factbooks...

>> In case of Zugock-E, it's an improved version over
>> the previous MSM-07 Zugock, as well as a limited
>> test-run version much like the RX-79G Ground Combat

>> Gundam in the 08th MS Team OVA, in which no more
>> than 20 units were produced. Budgets &
>> data-gathering are the factor here. For Kampfer, we

>> saw the green MS-18 prototype in the model kits
>> manual, so MS-18E is a unique version.
> Hmmmm...i wonder though. knowing what we do of MS
> development, I still think that these one-offs are
> just mission specific or pilot-specific
> modifications.

Zugock-E & Hygog are definitely improved versions of
its respective predecessor, Zugock & Gog, as their
shortcomings are all too obvious in 0079 TV/movies.

While Kampfer is mission specific, RX79G-Ez8 "Ground
Combat Gundam Ez-8" is definity a pilot-specific one-
off. It's modified from RX79G & the lone unit is
assigned to Shiro Amada in the 08th MS Team OVA.
Besides certain areas in which Ez8 is better than
RX79G, the modification was basically a test by Fed's
brass to see if Shiro was a Zeon spy as they

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