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Just some observations here....

Whilst I was cruising on the web for some Gundam MIDI files for my up
and coming web site, I came across a Japanese site with results (and
still running) for four Gundam Popularity Contests.

One of them was the fav ZG gal , and out of 2166 votes,
surprise, it's not Four Murasame (16.96%), it's Emma Shin (yay) at
20.11%. What's this about mature chicks? Perhaps it's guys who were
kids back when ZG aired, and are now old enough to have an older chick
like Emma, perhaps tastes change as guys get older...I dunno :) Third
is Hamaan Khan at about 15%, and Fa Yuirii at aboput 10.5%, and then
every one else drops of after that... There was a similar contest for
GZZ gals, but I didn't bother loking at those.

There is a Most Popular Pilot , which I guess really
means Best Pilot, and (for me atleast) it comes as no surprise that it
is Camille Bidan at 14%, Amuro at 12.3% and Usso at 11.3% . Char in
this contest assumes the name of Quattro in this and rates only 10% as
does Annavel Gato. Christina Mackenzie rate 8%. Some votes in this one
are just plain screwed. did birght ever pilot an MS?, Kou rates higher
than Emma. Chein as best pilot, that one lucky shot was more luck than
Kou had in all of 0083. I am surprised Scirocco, Gunei or Yazan Gable
did not rate...

the main site has a cool bouncing
Haro in the left frame, and some cool animated GIFS

Go and vote :)

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