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>>>Hey, I love Patlabor!
>> Me, too! One of the best things I've seen for months -
>>especially that scene stealing Captain Goto! (though whenever Ota tries
>>to act like a respectable human being, its a close call... ^_^)
>The characters are the greatest, Goto is king!
        Well, what I really like is how the show captures the "feel" of
contemporary Japan. That and the mecha. And the characters. And the
humour. And the animation. And... ^_^
>>>BTW, I aways thought that patlabor would be
>>>the best show to take into the live-action/CG realm. The environment is
>>>contemporary, not many sets to build, just use a old warehouse, that's easy
>>>enough. You can funnel most of the budget toward getting the mecha right.
>> Interesting idea, although personally, I'd like to see Patlabor
>>on TV in the Western World. Unless theres anything truly disturbing
>>later on in the series, it would seem ideal. With all the attention
>>being focused on certain other shows recently (Evangelion? Wassat, then?
>>^_-), Patlabor seems to have gotten a little overlooked...
>I know, Patlabor is terribly overlooked. I was so disappointed when Viz
>canceled the comic translation. It was my favorite comic. Maybe because the
>movies are so deep and somber the fans have turned to other more fan
>service friendly shows?

        I was just getting into the manga when Viz dropped it, the
swine. Maybe its time they bought it back for one of their anthology
issues, like Animerica Extra?

> Maybe it seems dated because the patlabor (AV-98)
>was supposed to have be developed last year?

        Possible, but Patlabor looks so much like the present world,
that I can't really think of it as dated, at least not for several years
yet. I don't remember seeing any set dates in the TV series (I may be
wrong, my memory is terrible), most of the dates I've seen are from
background information.
        I think its just got overshadowed by the media surrounding
certain other titles. You are right, though, its not as immediately
spectacular or as flashy as other shows, it takes a little while to grab
the attention...

> I don't know. But at least in
>the world of anime, nothing ever truly dies- it just gets picked up in some
>revival 10 or years down the road.
        Well, theres meant to be a third Patlabor film in the works, and
thats meant to be much closer to the TV series than the previous movies
were, so maybe it will spark an interest again.
        What we really want, though, is Patlabor: The Game. ^_^

>(I would kill for a perfect grade 1:20 scale Ingram) (The Helldiver is my
>absolute fave though)
        At the risk of sounding like Izumi, the Ingrams still my
favourite... ^_^

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