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>> ...I think that a true Kampfer weapons load would be
>> based on automatic rate of fire, and a nice long
>> weapon. I would also think that it would have some
>> thrown weapons and maybe even a backup projectile
>> weapon...just in case.
>the loadout we saw for Kampfer in 0080 probably locked
>into our minds... depends on the nature of the
>mission, I think Kampfer's loadout can be varied from
>time to time, as long as it suits the given combat

        Hmmmm...I wonder, though, if it ever really had a "Standard" loadout, or
if the weapons were always mission specific/pilot specific.

>> Hmmmmm...Experimental then would mean that it is a
>> specialized model of an existing MS, or that it is a
>> unique version?
>In case of Zugock-E, it's an improved version over the
>previous MSM-07 Zugock, as well as a limited test-run
>version much like the RX-79G Ground Combat Gundam in
>the 08th MS Team OVA, in which no more than 20 units
>were produced. Budgets & data-gathering are the factor
>here. For Kampfer, we saw the green MS-18 prototype in
>the model kits manual, so MS-18E is a unique version.

        hmmmm...i wonder though. knowing what we do of MS development, I still
think that these one-offs are just mission specific or pilot-specific

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