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>Indeed. You won't see a rookie pilot got assigned to a
>Kampfer. Only experienced pilots with good
>understanding and execution of attack strategy will
>into its driver seat. In that regard, Misha Kaminsky
>of The Cyclops Team was not only a good team member,
>he's also an ace pilot, who didn't waste a shot with
>Kampfer & send a bunch of GMs to scrapyard along the

        Yes, the Kampfer is obviously designed to be used either as part of a
shock-team or as a lone-wolf operator...although I just noticed its
somehwat familiar look to the Geara Doga. I wonder if that frame is what
they based it on, as well as some zaku, gelgoog and Dom like parts, and the
arms look suspiciously Jagd Doga-esque...

>> Perhaps it was the complexity of tech used for it
>> that got it to be in limited production?
>Not only that, but you can also think of another
>example: MS-06R Zaku II High Mobility and MS-06S Zaku
>II HM Commander Type. Both series perform better than
>regular F series & they were produced in very limited
>run assigned to ace pilots & commanders, e.g. The
>Black Trinary got the R before piloting Dom, and of
>course, 'Red Comet' Char Aznable piloted the S series.
>These limited type are developed for specific purpose,
>& again they are not for the novice or average Joe.

        Hmmmm...I got another idea...was it possible the kampfer was a strip-down
super modified other words, it's NOT what a normal kampfer
would even get close to being like? I've seen the other Kampfer, and that
seems to be more like a normal version...
        In which case, one has to wonder what they did sacrifice to get it lean
and mean, not so much what they added.

>>> In 0079 TV/movies, the RX-78 took the 120mm bullets
>>> directly, & nothing happened.
>> Hmmm...I wonder...was the gundanium alloy
>> or had special properties other than being very
>> resilient???
>The Luna Titanium (a super alloy developed at Fed's
>Luna 2 Base during the OYW), we were told, are
>resilient enough to deflect bullets of Zaku 120mm
>machine gun. This is certainly better than the high
>tensile steel & titanium composites used by the Zeons.
>There's always a way to explain things happened in the
>Gundam world, don't you think? like the Minovsky's
>> ...I think that a true Kampfer weapons load would be
>> based on automatic rate of fire, and a nice long
>> weapon. I would also think that it would have some
>> thrown weapons and maybe even a backup projectile
>> weapon...just in case.
>the loadout we saw for Kampfer in 0080 probably locked
>into our minds... depends on the nature of the
>mission, I think Kampfer's loadout can be varied from
>time to time, as long as it suits the given combat
>> Hmmmmm...Experimental then would mean that it is a
>> specialized model of an existing MS, or that it is a
>> unique version?
>In case of Zugock-E, it's an improved version over the
>previous MSM-07 Zugock, as well as a limited test-run
>version much like the RX-79G Ground Combat Gundam in
>the 08th MS Team OVA, in which no more than 20 units
>were produced. Budgets & data-gathering are the factor
>here. For Kampfer, we saw the green MS-18 prototype in
>the model kits manual, so MS-18E is a unique version.
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