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> ...We don't actually see the beam sabers used in
> Gundam 0080 and they aren't included with the model

yes they aren't included in the 1:144 kits but no, in
the OVA Misha used a beam saber as the last ditch
attempt to take on the NT-1 Alex when all the
Kampfer's weapons were exhausted. Little did he know
the NT-1 has build-in vulcan cannons on both arms...

> ...If the mission is to hit and run, then mle
> weapons like swords and short-range head-mounted
> are just a tempatation to engage in time-wasting
> one-on-one combat, to the detriment of the mission.

If I am down on my luck and being an 'expendable' of
the mission, I rather have at least one close-range
weapons for self-defense, no matter how feeble they
may be. At least I can hope for a lucky hit at enemy
MS' eye sensors w/ my head vulcans & buy some time to

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