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jorgelee wrote:

> The first gundam model that I did a few years back was FAZZ. It was
> terrible to put together and I never did complete it.
> It was only recently that I tried another gundam model. This time
> round, it was a 08MST Zaku II. It was very easy, with parts that were
> mold in roughly the right colours and snap together parts. Just
> perfect for a beginner like me. That got me hooked. Since then, I've
> tried 08MST's Gouf Custom, Gouf Flight-Type, GM(G) and Endless
> Waltz's Deathscyle. Currently I'm putting together the RX-78(G) from
> 08MST.
> Are the 0080 kits as easy as 08MST given that they are quite a few
> years older? I am basically more interested in the Zeon Mobile Suits,
> namely Rick Dom and Zaku FZ. Any comments?
> Jorge Lee.

I can't comment on the Rick Dom II or Zaku FZ other than by reputation, so I
will refrain. I have however built the Gelgoog Jaeger and the Hy-Gog from the
Zeon kits in the series. I have very different feelings about these two kits...

First, the Gelgoog. While this is a good looking kit (I admit that the Gelgoog
has always been one of my favorite MS designs) it is badly designed, with hip
balls that don't fit properly into the polycap sockets, causing the legs,
particularly the right leg, to fall off regularly. In addition, the external
fuel pods look great, but they are, by their very nature, prone to breakage if
the model falls over (As it often does when the right leg pops off...)

The HyGog on the other hand is a very nice kit, although it may take some work,
as I found that there were some very noticeable gaps that I had to fill,
requiring me to paint it. However, for a more experienced modeler, this is just
a normal matter of course. As a beginner, however, I would recommend avoiding
it for now.

Just some general tips. While most of the Gundam kits are snap together, you'll
find that they will look and stay together better if you go ahead and glue the
parts together, unless you find a piece that is supposed to move. Also, even
with the color molded kits, plan on doing some painting, at least with the
details, to make them look really good.

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