Neil Baumgardner (
Sat, 12 Jun 1999 16:32:52 PDT

Y. Choe said:

>With a number of "Free" e-mail available, you can get yourself a free, junk
>e-mail address specifically for that. You have your free e-mail with
>to the list on the web, and you can post, and probably protect yourself
>your snoppy IT supervisors. But then, with that you have to manage that
>account on a regular basis.

Issue isnt really improper e-mail usage, but time. Its simply a lot easier
to only read the messages on the archive that I'm interested than to have to
delete all the ones I'm not.

As for a free e-mail, I was actually sorta thinking of doing that, but read
the ML it from the archive and simply empty out the e-mail account when it
fills up.

Still doesnt solve the problem of having to keep open two e-mail accounts at
the same time though, but I guess if it's my only alternative...

>Try doing this:
>send a mail to
>help (as the body of message)

Already did, doesnt say anything about it. Who's the list manager anyway?


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