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>>ZZ Gundam (haven't seen it, but the upgrade path here seemed to be
>>Zeta Gundam -> ZZ Gundam?)
>When the ZZ arrived, there was sort of a game of Gundam Musical
>Chairs(involving the Mark II, Zeta, and ZZ). However, the ZZ itself went
>though an upgrade(primarily a larger rocket pack), and eventually received
>the Full Armor treatement(as shortlived as the FAZZ was).

The FAZZ wasn't a true replacement for the ZZ, just a power-up.

Gundam ZZ introduced the concept of the Gundam Team. It was the first time
that there was more than one Gundam in action at a time. This was a
precursor of sorts to the current trend of everyone having a Gundam, which
I personally dislike only because I think it cheapens the currency. That
and the obsessive need to bring in a new Gundam with each and every Gundam
story are the two worst trends of modern times, in my not-so-humble opinion.


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