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>Zeta Gundam (Gundam Mark II -> Zeta Gundam, and Mark II to Super
>Gundam) I believe here is where the upgrade craze came in...

Correct, although it's not quite right to characterize Z and its follow-on
ZZ as mid-season replacements. Rather, the eponymous MS simply didn't
appear for a dozen or so episodes.

>ZZ Gundam (haven't seen it, but the upgrade path here seemed to be
>Zeta Gundam -> ZZ Gundam?)

Again, this was just delaying the introduction of the title mecha.

You put the series in UC timeline order. I think you'll get a better
picture if you put them into release date chronological order:

Gundam = RX-78-2 appears in first episode

Z Gundam = MSZ-006 appears in Ep 21

Gundam ZZ = MSZ-010 appears in Ep 11

Gundam CCA = RX-93 appears in opening scene

Gundam 0080 = RX-78NT-1 appears in Ep 3

Gundam F91 = F91 appears after CV invasion

Gundam 0083 = RX-78GP01 appears in Ep 1, RX-78GP01Fb in Ep 5, RX-78GP03 in
Ep 11

V Gundam = LM312V04 appears in Ep 1, thence LM312V04+SD-VB-3A V-Dash
Gundam, LM312V06 V Gundam Hexa, LM314V21 V2 Gundam, LM314V23 V2 Assault Gundam

G Gundam = GF13-01NJ Shining Gundam appears in Ep 1, thence GF13-017NJII
God Gundam

Gundam W = The five Gundams are all replaced miday through the series, then
again in the OAV

Gundam 08th MS Team = RX-79[G] appears in Ep 2, Ez8 in Ep 9

Gundam X = GX-9900 appears in Ep 1, thence GX-9900-DV X Divider, GX-9900-DX
Double X; GX-9600 and GX-9800 appear in Ep 2, thence GX-9600-D and GX-9800-B

If you look at it this way, it's clear that the "mid-season replacement"
syndrome started circa 1991 with Gundam 0083.

On the other hand, if you consider F91 to be the first three epsiodes of a
series that continues in Crossbone Gundam, with the F91 appearing in Ep 1
and being replaced by them XM-X, then it started there.

In any case, it's only been the trend in the second half of Gundam's
20-year existence.


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