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>REcap: Somebody was asking how a mass-produced Kampfer will look like..
>ergo, assume that the Kampfer is massed produced for Zeon military -- what
>will they take out?

Despite it being an Experimental model, I think the MS-18E *was* the
production model. It's a stripped-down, lean, mean, fighting machine
version of the YMS-18 prototype alluded to in the instruction manual.

The Kämpfer doesn't exactly have much freight to throw overboard -- it's
already stripped down to essential armor and has only one built-in weapon,
a brace of 60mm Vulcans. As previously noted, it's a single-mission
design: high speed assault or blitzkreig. Kämpfer's designed to punch a
hole in the enemy's lines, through which the rest of the forces can follow.
 It may also be considered expendable, in the event that said forces can't
overtake and defend it.

The chain mine isn't really part of the Kämpfer's onboard inventory --
Mischa has to yank it out of the truck and there's no way to mount it or
carry it into battle. Everything except the aforementioned 60mm Vulcans is
mounted in pairs on the body of the MS: 9-round 00 shotgun, 5-round 360mm
giant bazooka, panzer faust, beam saber. We don't actually see the beam
sabers used in Gundam 0080 and they aren't included with the model -- I
didn't even know it had them until I saw one deployed on a PVC toy figure
-- so they'd be the best candidates for any further reduction.

It's also worth noting that the YMS-18 Kämpfer Prototype doesn't appear to
have the Vulcan guns. These would be my second choice for slimming down
the MS-18E. If the mission is to hit and run, then mêlée weapons like
swords and short-range head-mounted guns are just a tempatation to engage
in time-wasting one-on-one combat, to the detriment of the mission.


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