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> I'll
>>try not to discuss things further, I've only just gotten into Patlabor
>>TV, so I don't want to know too much about the story (I do already know
>>about the economy AV-98 and the Griffon, though... )
>Hey, I love Patlabor!

        Me, too! One of the best things I've seen for months -
especially that scene stealing Captain Goto! (though whenever Ota tries
to act like a respectable human being, its a close call... ^_^)

>It sounds like you are where I am in the series, Tape
>6 of the english translation.

        Bit before that, actually - volume 5. I know a little bit about
the future from website information seen before I started getting the

>BTW, I aways thought that patlabor would be
>the best show to take into the live-action/CG realm. The environment is
>contemporary, not many sets to build, just use a old warehouse, that's easy
>enough. You can funnel most of the budget toward getting the mecha right.
>Plus, the labors aren't so big that you couldn't build a mockup just for
>static work. (unlike a 20m mobile suit). Bandai should have gone this route
>instead of G-savior.
        Interesting idea, although personally, I'd like to see Patlabor
on TV in the Western World. Unless theres anything truly disturbing
later on in the series, it would seem ideal. With all the attention
being focused on certain other shows recently (Evangelion? Wassat, then?
^_-), Patlabor seems to have gotten a little overlooked...

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