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Of all of Gundam I have seen, all of the main character seemed to
receive an upgrade mid-season:

MS Gundam (Magnetic Coating, not as dramatic of a upgrade as getting
a new MS, but a very necessary upgrade)

8th MS Team (The only show where I can think of that the hero didn't
get a upgrade, but a side-grade. Gundam ground -> EZ8. Well, they
have to do with what parts they have on hand).

0080 (The only show I can think of that didn't get a upgrade. But
for once, the show's center is not Gundam, but civilian boy Al.)

0083 (GP01 -> GP01 Fb -> GP03. Each upgrade bigger than the last
one. I wonder how GP03 will stack up in Zeta Gundam era)

Zeta Gundam (Gundam Mark II -> Zeta Gundam, and Mark II to Super
Gundam) I believe here is where the upgrade craze came in...

ZZ Gundam (haven't seen it, but the upgrade path here seemed to be
Zeta Gundam -> ZZ Gundam?)

CCA (Re-GZ -> Nu Gundam) Once again, a big upgrade in terms of
technology and firepower.

F91 (Guntank -> F91. No questions here, Guntank was just a stop-gap
until the hero gets the shinning F91)

Victory Gundam (Victory Gundam -> V2 Gundam, another quantum leap in
technology and firepower)

G Gundam (Shining Gundam -> God Gundam, I haven't seen past 4th
episode, so I don't know what kind of upgrade that was)

Gundam Wing (3 of the G-Boys got completely new Gundam, Wing Gundam
Zero, Gundam Deathscythe Hell, Altron Gundam, all substantially
better than the original Gundam they pilot. Gundam Heavyarm and
Sandrock Gundam also undergoes some upgrade, but not as much as the
other 3. Zech traded his Tallgeese I/II for Gundam Epyon, which does
not have range weapon but is quite deadly in close quarter fighting.)

Gundam X (Gundam X for Gundam X Divider to Gundam XX. The good guy's
other 2 Gundam also were upgrade. The 2 bad guys Gundam were also
upgraded as well)

Turn A Gundam (Lets hope our hero dig up V2)

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