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>but speed & agility are Kampfer's strongest selling
>points. instead of downgrading the above, why not
>deploy the Rick Dom II which can do the heavy attack
>just as good. Obviously, the Zeons r looking to build
>something intended but cannot achieved by the Dom
>series, & Kampfer is the result.
>> Maybe the presence of Rick Doms as a standard MS is
>> why Kampfers are limited production models?
>RDII are good but Kampfer achieve what the Zeon wants
>to do, similar to the reason why Dom series were
>developed to replace Zaku II on Eath-bound ground
>warfare: hovering around is better than running /
>jet-assisted jumping on both feet.

        I would think that the Kampfer is a very specialized MS, and that it can
conceivably kick a RickDomII's butt speedwise. It looks like it was made
to take advantage of superior piloting skills and marry it to a large
arsenal of what looks to be shock-value weapons. Perhaps it was the
complexity of tech used for it that got it to be in limited production?
The RDII seems to be a simpler design, so it's no surprise that it won
because of a combination of easy production/maintenance and being very good
at what it does...

>>> But remember that the original 120mm Zaku machine
>>> gun didn't make a dent on Amuro's RX-78 in 0079.
>> Isn't it more like Amuro kept dodging the rounds? Or
>> taking it on the shield?
>In 0079 TV/movies, the RX-78 took the 120mm bullets
>directly, & nothing happened.

        Hmmm...I wonder...was the gundanium alloy lightweight or had special
properties other than being very resilient???

>> ... the Cyclops team had no intention of putting too
>> many holes in the colony walls. They had no
>> of killing the colony, just killing the Gundam.
>& they never expected someone will pilot the NT-1 &
>fight back. They were expecting NT-1 as a unpiloted
>setting duck.

        Admittedly, that would account for the weapons loadout the Kampfer
had...which is another reason why I think that a true Kampfer weapons load
would be based on automatic rate of fire, and a nice long beam weapon. I
would also think that it would have some thrown weapons and maybe even a
backup projectile weapon...just in case.

>>> The 'E' stands for 'Experimental'...
>> I think we covered in another thread that the
>> is _not_ an experimental MS. It is at least a
>> production MS, since in the kit manual there is a
>> picture of the true experimental model labelled as
>> MS-18, whereas the one in the OVA is labelled
>> I think it will be the same story for the Zugock-E..
>> These are upgraded version of the OYW MS, but hardly
>> experimental or prototypes.
>'Experimental' doesn't necessary mean they are
>prototypes (as our Z mentioned earlier). A handful of
>Zugock-E & Kampfer were produced, for the duel
>purposes of combat & gathering data for further R&D.
>In many official Gundam's data & manuals for 0080
>mechas, u'll find that this 'E stand for experimental'
>is indeed correct.

        Hmmmmm...Experimental then would mean that it is a specialized model of an
existing MS, or that it is a unique version?

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