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>>Are the 0080 kits as easy as 08MST given that they are quite a few
>>years older? I am basically more interested in the Zeon Mobile Suits,
>>namely Rick Dom and Zaku FZ. Any comments?
> Almost the same.. except 0080 kits don't need you to paint the
>visors to make them look good. They come with a crystal visor. The
>snap-together kits were standard by then.
> If you can lay your hands on 0080 kits, do it! They have some of the
>best quality outside of an old HG or the newer MG kits. If you have spares
>I'm interested too.. =)

        Guys, I just got three Doms, a Hygog and soon a Zugok, in exchange for a
Zeta plated MG and a copy of 0083. all I can say is this: RICK DOM
RULES!! i have the old Dwadge, which is basically a re-outfitted Dom, and
man, the difference is only too obvious. the old dom is larger in
proportions, true, but the rickdomII has three things: better color,
cooler proportions and a neck!

> Kits from 0080 that you'll want to avoid are the Kampfer and the
>Alex, both of which has colour problems; the Kampfer in the wrong shade, the
>Alex needs more colours.

        hmmmm....more like avoid because it needs more than a beginner's skill.

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