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>> IIRC, the AV-98 project was shelved due to cost. Originally, Team 1
>>is also supposed to be equipped with AV-98s, but the excessive cost killed
>>that idea. But further down the series, Team 1 was given an economical
>>version of the AV-98, IIRC AV-98S.. which got its but promptly handed to it
>>by the Griffon.
> I wondered why Team 1 kept having to use those Pythons...! I'll
>try not to discuss things further, I've only just gotten into Patlabor
>TV, so I don't want to know too much about the story (I do already know
>about the economy AV-98 and the Griffon, though... )
Hey, I love Patlabor! It sounds like you are where I am in the series, Tape
6 of the english translation. BTW, I aways thought that patlabor would be
the best show to take into the live-action/CG realm. The environment is
contemporary, not many sets to build, just use a old warehouse, that's easy
enough. You can funnel most of the budget toward getting the mecha right.
Plus, the labors aren't so big that you couldn't build a mockup just for
static work. (unlike a 20m mobile suit). Bandai should have gone this route
instead of G-savior.


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