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>> That probably explains why there are only three AV-98 Ingrams in
>>(anime) existence, or only one fully equipped VF-22 and VF-19, etc...
> IIRC, the AV-98 project was shelved due to cost. Originally, Team 1
>is also supposed to be equipped with AV-98s, but the excessive cost killed
>that idea. But further down the series, Team 1 was given an economical
>version of the AV-98, IIRC AV-98S.. which got its but promptly handed to it
>by the Griffon.

        I wondered why Team 1 kept having to use those Pythons...! I'll
try not to discuss things further, I've only just gotten into Patlabor
TV, so I don't want to know too much about the story (I do already know
about the economy AV-98 and the Griffon, though... )
> As for the VF-19 and VF-22, the two that we see are in the
>acceptance testing stage, so naturally we see only one of each.. presumably
>there are other prototypes (these are true prototypes, not like the
>Kampfer-E). Later on, in Macross 7, I believe the 19 and 22 were built in
        I knew that the 19 and 22 were built for mass production in
Macross 7, but I haven't seen anything to indicate that there were any
other prototypes of the fully equipped (ie, thought control, etc)
models. It might just be I haven't found the right source yet (my
information is mainly from the Macross Compendium website)
>> "...and this baby also comes with twin 60mm Gatling pods, 20MW
>>Beam Saber - just like the latest Federation models - and just for you,
>>we'll throw in this fully nuclear capable bazooka!"
> "Sounds like you would like this newest, hottest MS, fresh off the
>production line and straight from Gato's hands! It's call the GP-02A! ....."
        "Only one previous owner... low mileage... needs some repair
work... " ^_^

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