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>>Change/adjust in equippments, yes, but poorer
> Point taken.. so what other types of equipment is
> possible on the Kampfer?

hmmm... since Kampfer was developed to do specific
thing, I wonder if it can be viewed in the lights of
the "Jack-of-all-trade" Zakus & GMs (i.e. the
adjustments). It's possible for Kampfer, but anything
less than speedy heavy attack will underuse Kampfer.
One possible type i can think of is 'tactical mission'
like GP02, and further develops the ground-combat
Kampfer into space type to perform unsavoury missions,
including poison-gas attack on colonies (nuking &
gasing were what the Zeon did during the early stage
of OYW)

(SD Chris McKenzie!)
>>Guess again! She reappears in the "SD Gundam's
>>Counterattack" TV show in 1989, this time as the
>>grumpy matchmaker in a dating show along w/ her
>>co-host, SD Bernie Wiseman. :)
> But Bernie is dead... where did this dating show
> place? =)

"SD Gundam's Counterattack" is a 30-min+ comedy aired
almost a decade ago. I don't wanna give away the plot
in case someone who hasn't watched it, but "The Dating
Show" bits was part of the "Char & Haman's SD Alumni's
Day" in the show. ALl the UC characters & mechas are
SD-ized for 30-mins of non-stop laughter.

If you can, go get the tape or vcd & see for yourself

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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