Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 20:13:15 -0700

> > "...and this baby also comes with twin 60mm Gatling pods, 20MW
> >Beam Saber - just like the latest Federation models - and just for you,
> >we'll throw in this fully nuclear capable bazooka!"
> "Sounds like you would like this newest, hottest MS, fresh off the
> production line and straight from Gato's hands! It's call the
> GP-02A! ....."

Hmmm.... Tagline for Various Gundams?!?

"This is the twin model of the RX-78-2 that Federation used to save the
world from the Evil Zion! This model comes with Blast Shields, Beam Rifle,
Twin Beam Sabre, a Mega Bazooka and more! And for a limited time, we'll
throw in the magnetic coating, absolutely free of charge! All this, and a
deluxe core fighter model for a pinch getway! What more would you want in a
mobile suit?!"

MS-06 Zaku
"Our Zaku is the best selling model in the entire Earth Sphere, peroid! Our
standard model comes with Machine Guns, Bazooka, and a Heat Hawk. For
$1000000 more, you can get the S Model, which has the nifty antenna on top.
Comes in Camouflauge Green or Comet Red. A/C and Power Monoeye Standard
with every model."

"Try our newest Mobile Suit, designed to take down Gundam from the Getgo.
Fully loaded with Beam Naginata, Beam Rifles, and Extra Large Blast Shield,
this exclusive model also comes with Marine Skirmish Mode, with the Spiked
Shield -- perfect for those moments when you want to get upclose and
personal with the enemy. Act now, and you'll get your model complete with
Anti-Lock Brakes, Power Everything, and a 60 CD changer at no extra cost!"

I'm sounding like them Car Salesman now...

Y. Choe

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