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> I thought Experimental Zeon suits are labelled as YMS-XX rather than
>MS-XXE? Then again, this _is_ 0080..

If they're following U.S. Navy parlance, "Y" indicates a prototype, "E" and
"X" are experimental. Bat, again, the Japanese have a different notion of
what a "prototype" is than we do.

> Hey, they'll have two to bite here. =) I think EFSF is a mouthful to
>say compared to UNT. =)

"UNT" also lends itself to a bilingual pun, in that it can be read aloud as

> BTW, what ever happened to Chris Mckenzie? I don't think any other
>series ever documented her again, right?

There was an Animage magazine supplement, written by Hiroyuki Yamaga and
illustrated by Haruhiko Mikimoto, entitled Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: Chris's
Dream (Tokuma Shoten) and a CD radio drama, also illustrated by Mikimoto,
entitled Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: MacKenzie Detective Office (King Records)
that came out sometime between 1989 and 1992.

I have seen neither, but Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations (1992.11.30,
Yutaka Takahashi/Movic, ISBN0-945814-51-8) has his artwork for them on
pages 68 to 71.

In one of the illos from Chris's Dream, Chris appears to be dreaming about
Amuro and Char circa CCA. Chris, however, looks just as she did in Gundam

In the single illo that graced the MacKenzie Detective Office CD, Al
Izuruha appears to be at least 15 and possible as old as 19 (the same age
as Bernie in Gundam 0080), which would place the action somewhere between
July 0084 and June 0089, as Al was 10 in December 0079. My guess is that
they set it prior to Z Gundam and probably split the difference between
Gundam 0083 and Z, which would make it UC 0085. It should be noted that,
although Al's obviously grown up quite a bit, Chris still looks about the
same as she did in Gundam 0080.

I've been looking for both these items, or a synopsis or review of same,
since 1993. Anybody got any leads?


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