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> At 18:51 6/11/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >1. Relative ease of acquirement. One only needs to go to
> his/her favorite
> >well-stocked anime shop to find these kits. The older the kits go, it
> Apparently, he asked if 0080 or 08MST kits are better.. hence I
> assume he can lay his hands on the 0080 kits. Personally, I think
> 0080 kits
> are better than the 08MST kits, though the 08MST kits comes with
> more weapons..

Hey, diff' strokes for everyone... For me though, I like the 08th MS Team
kits more than the 0080 kits (the blasphemy!) partly because the 0080 Zion
designs do not really appeal to me, especially the Arnhold Zaku FZ. Sure,
you got the little german mask with that guy, but in the end, you have a
Zaku kit that is rather bulky that somewhat tarnishes the name of Zaku
slightly. And of course, there is the slight matter of the Gouf, which I
find to be the best kit in the 08th MS Team, and probably one of the better
1/144th Scale kit that Bandai has done.

> >2. Relative ease of assembly with skill requirements. The
> newer ones are
> >relatively easy to build, especially with the well detailed instruction
> But the 0080 kits are such a breeze to build! =) I find them more
> relaxing than a 08MST kit..

Maybe, but they kinda lack something... Dunno, they're all too bulky or
lithe for me...

Y. Choe

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