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> >Are the 0080 kits as easy as 08MST given that they are quite a few
> >years older? I am basically more interested in the Zeon Mobile Suits,
> >namely Rick Dom and Zaku FZ. Any comments?
> Stick with newer kits. The 0080 kits were good, but they'd still need
> some painting to look decent. Also the 08th MS Team kits have better
> articulation and details, too.

Many reasons why I recommended the "newer" 1/144 scale kits for beginners:

1. Relative ease of acquirement. One only needs to go to his/her favorite
well-stocked anime shop to find these kits. The older the kits go, it
becomes more of a crapshoot to find the kits, say the ones from 0080. For
instance, several shops nearby don't have a good selection of these, and a
novice modeller ain't going to order from HLJ, not for a first time project

2. Relative ease of assembly with skill requirements. The newer ones are
relatively easy to build, especially with the well detailed instruction
kits. However, you'll also need to keep in mind that they probably have
couple of American kits under their belt, and will know a bit about say
priming, sanding, gluing, etc. They have fair mastery of basic skills,
which can easily be applied and practiced with these kits.

3. Relative Cost. They are no more than 10 bucks a pop. Not everyone is
willing to pay more than $10 for their first projects, which the 0080 and
08th MS Team Kits may be more than $10. It's kinda like crack formula. Get
them hooked on the cheap ones first, then go for the Perfect Grade, hook,
line, sinker. :)

4. Relative Size. They may be smaller than some 1/100th kits, but they are
bigger than 1/144 V Gundam kits. And for the same price, they'll appreciate
the size and the value of these kits.

5. Design. Like it or hate it, the Gundam designs in the G, W, and X lines
are much more interesting than say Zeta Gundam designs. And if they want
some "real-life" flavor to these mechs, then they can acquire the 08th MS
Team at a slightly higher purchase price or go cheap with X kits (they have
good UC flair to them).

You may not agree with all of these, but you have to see from a entry person
pov, instead of us grognard pov. Once you get that over your heads, then
you will see where I'm coming from. Or not. Either way.

Y. "Foo" Choe

In Memory of Forest DeKelley.

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