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> That probably explains why there are only three AV-98 Ingrams in
>(anime) existence, or only one fully equipped VF-22 and VF-19, etc...
>Considering that, for its time period, the Kampfer was one of the most
>heavily armed MS in use, I shudder to think what the prototype was armed
>with! ^_^

        IIRC, the AV-98 project was shelved due to cost. Originally, Team 1
is also supposed to be equipped with AV-98s, but the excessive cost killed
that idea. But further down the series, Team 1 was given an economical
version of the AV-98, IIRC AV-98S.. which got its but promptly handed to it
by the Griffon.

        As for the VF-19 and VF-22, the two that we see are in the
acceptance testing stage, so naturally we see only one of each.. presumably
there are other prototypes (these are true prototypes, not like the
Kampfer-E). Later on, in Macross 7, I believe the 19 and 22 were built in

> "...and this baby also comes with twin 60mm Gatling pods, 20MW
>Beam Saber - just like the latest Federation models - and just for you,
>we'll throw in this fully nuclear capable bazooka!"

        "Sounds like you would like this newest, hottest MS, fresh off the
production line and straight from Gato's hands! It's call the GP-02A! ....."

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