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>Cima's MS-14Fs Gelgoog Commander Type uses a high
>powered beam rifle more in line of 0080's Gelgoog J.
>So the precision beam rifle won't fit into Kampfer's
>game plan, & the machine gun is not powerful enough
>for heavy attack purpose.

        I would have thought that was a Beam _Automatic Cannon_ =) I think
Cima was firing it off at an extemely high rate of fire.

        As for whether it's a precision rifle, well, if it's not, the
Kampfer can use its mobility to get into a position to shoot (like the
Gelgoog JG). If it's a auto rifle, the Kampfer can fly around and spray
shots everywhere, as a shock tactic.

>the E-cap was invented AFTER the OYW, so Kampfer's
>beam firearms, if any will have to be charged from
>MS's reactors.

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