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>but speed & agility are Kampfer's strongest selling points.

        I know. But if the speed and agility are not reduced, the cost of
the Kampfer is probably too prohibitive to be used as a grunt suit. Maybe as
a special ops or elite unit, but that is already possible... The idea is to
have whole units of Kampfers fighting in the frontlines.

>& they never expected someone will pilot the NT-1 &
>fight back. They were expecting NT-1 as a unpiloted
>setting duck.

        Actually, the Kampfer is never supposed to fight NT1. It's supposed
to be a very distracting distraction (and you have to admit it did its job
very well) while the other members sneak in and blow NT1 up. Things screwed
up, and the Cyclops team paid with their lives..

>'Experimental' doesn't necessary mean they are
>prototypes (as our Z mentioned earlier). A handful of
>Zugock-E & Kampfer were produced, for the duel
>purposes of combat & gathering data for further R&D.
>In many official Gundam's data & manuals for 0080
>mechas, u'll find that this 'E stand for experimental'
>is indeed correct.

        Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa Maximus. Yes, I looked through the Gundam
Mechanics #1 yesterday, and behold, the Zugock-E had the caption
"Experimental" right there. Ouch. So the Kampfer is an Experimental unit,
but not a prototype. Are we confused yet? =)

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