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>At 23:07 6/10/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>>> Maybe it's just a bare bones design, and then they tack on details
>>>as necessary?
>> Well, the body of evidence seems to be that the green one is the
>>prototype, but it just seems so strange - the (possible) production
>>Kampfer looks like parts are *missing*, due to the number of exposed
>>bolts and things on the surface, whereas the green Kampfer looks like it
>>has additional equipment hidden under the surface...
>Ah, but you forget, the Japanese have a different concept of "prototype"
>than we do. Where we view a prototype as a proof-of-concept vehicle with
>minimal features, they view a prototype as an archetype, the masterpiece
>with all the bells and whistles, which is scaled down by economics and
>practicality for the production model.

        Not so much forget, as just plain didn't know. ^_^ One of a kind
is always special, neh?
        That probably explains why there are only three AV-98 Ingrams in
(anime) existence, or only one fully equipped VF-22 and VF-19, etc...
Considering that, for its time period, the Kampfer was one of the most
heavily armed MS in use, I shudder to think what the prototype was armed
with! ^_^
>A Kämpfer Prototype should be fully-loaded, with power steering, factory
>air-conditioning and anti-lock brakes....
        "...and this baby also comes with twin 60mm Gatling pods, 20MW
Beam Saber - just like the latest Federation models - and just for you,
we'll throw in this fully nuclear capable bazooka!"
        "Gee, honey, how about that? I'll be able to show that hotshot
Amuro Rei a thing or two now!" ^_^

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