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>>> Actually, it's not even assembled yet. I'm working on my MG Zaku II
>>>right now..
>> As a practice target for the Kampfer? ^_^
> Since it's about half again as large as the Kampfer, it would make a
>wonderful target. =)
        And I thought the Kampfer was pretty big to begin with! I forgot
the two models would be different scales... ^_^
>> Well, the body of evidence seems to be that the green one is the
>>prototype, but it just seems so strange - the (possible) production
>>Kampfer looks like parts are *missing*, due to the number of exposed
>>bolts and things on the surface, whereas the green Kampfer looks like it
>>has additional equipment hidden under the surface...
> Maybe that's why. Experimental MS tend to have all those
>"interesting" equipment, which are taken out to keep cost down in production
>models.. Case in point, the RX-78 and the RGM-79.
        Well, that and Zs explanation now make the whole thing sound
much more sensible. I'm still finding it a little difficult to get my
head round, simply because I like history and I'm used to the idea of
biplane-> monoplane-> jet, instead of starting with the jet first! (just
to use an exaggerated, simple example. I guess a better example would be
building a Panther tank as the prototype, then making lots and lots of
Panzer Mk IIIs as the production version... )


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