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On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Richie Ramos wrote:
> >Are the 0080 kits as easy as 08MST given that they are quite a few
> >years older? I am basically more interested in the Zeon Mobile Suits,
> >namely Rick Dom and Zaku FZ. Any comments?
> good. the GM's have weird base coulours, but they are very nice too. the

Weird colors? I think the GM-command (not space) has the best coolest
color in the models that I have. It's got this dark grey color that you
have to see in a certain light to see the metallic tint in it. Sweet!

I do heartily recommend the 0080, an excellent line. The technical
quality is almost the same as the 8-years-newer 08MST models, but the
posability and overall cool mecha design is even better. My personal pick
is: GM-command, Rick Dom 2, Zugock-E, and I am waiting for my Zaku FZ to
arrive. Pick one based on your personal taste. If you can't make up your
mind, go for the GM-command, at 500 Yens, it's simply unbelievable value.

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